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Ultimate Asset Visit London Digital Careers Show

Ultimate Asset Visit London Digital Careers Show

Whether you’re just leaving school, or you’re looking for a new challenge, getting into a career that you actually want can feel pretty daunting. Even more so when you have no experience of writing a CV, cover letter, and no idea what to say and how to be in an interview.

A few of us from Ultimate Asset headed down to London Digital Careers Show in North London to find out what people are being taught about the digital world of work, how to break into the industry and what opportunities are open to them.

The event was great for those looking to get into the digital space. There were a number of high calibre companies at the event, including MediaCom, MEC, Exterion Media, AOL and many more, all offering either entry level jobs, grad schemes and advice on how to break into various roles in the industry.

At the event job seekers were given the chance to take part in digital workshops and learn all about the latest and greatest developments in the tech space.

Normally, it would be pretty tough to get in touch with the key digital and industry leaders. However, at the event delegates were given the chance to speak to, and hear from, hiring managers and senior people at various companies. Not only could they showcase their personality and skills, they could also learn how key media leaders started out in the industry- inspiring stuff!

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