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We’ve taken a look at how creativity & job adverts and/or recruitment campaigns can have a real impact on both brand positioning & quality of applications!

Along with ChatGPT, we looked at what gained attention, accolades & recognition for their efforts and summarised them below! Let us know if you have any other additions.

  1. Wieden+Kennedy’s “The Kennedys”: In 2016, Wieden+Kennedy created a unique job advert called “The Kennedys,” which invited applicants to submit ideas for a campaign promoting the agency itself. The winning team would receive a six-month paid residency at Wieden+Kennedy’s Portland headquarters. The job advert received widespread attention in the industry for its innovative approach to recruitment.
  2. The Economist’s “Red Wires”: The Economist created a job advert in 2017 that consisted of a series of red wires protruding from a billboard, with a sign that read, “Time to Unplug?” The wires led to a hidden message that invited viewers to apply for a job at The Economist. The advert was praised for its clever use of outdoor advertising to capture the attention of potential candidates.
  3. Spotify’s “We Don’t Need No Ego”: In 2019, Spotify released a job advert that featured a series of humorous illustrations and copy that poked fun at the egos of creative professionals. The advert emphasized Spotify’s company culture and values, positioning the company as a place where collaboration and teamwork were more important than individual egos. The advert received praise for its witty and relatable approach to recruitment.
  4. Airbnb’s “Night At”: In 2015, Airbnb created a job advert that offered applicants the opportunity to spend a night at a pop-up apartment in Paris that had been designed to resemble the bedroom from Van Gogh’s famous painting “The Starry Night.” The job advert received widespread attention for its unique approach to recruitment, with many praising the campaign for its ability to capture the imagination of potential candidates.

These are just a few examples of creative job adverts that have gained attention and praise in the industry. Each of these campaigns demonstrates the importance of innovation and creativity in recruitment and how it can help to attract top talent to a company.