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Almost a week on from the whirlwind that was MAD//Fest 2024, and let me tell you, it lived up to its name! Three days of talks, brand activations, and enough networking opportunities to fill Wembley Stadium (It’s coming home). As a recruitment specialist in the ever-evolving world of adtech, it was the perfect place for us to continue to stay on top of current trends and topics of discussion. Here’s a quick download on the key takeaways, sprinkled with a healthy dose of why events like MAD//Fest are essential for our industry.

The Power of the Pack: Why Networking Matters

MAD//Fest wasn’t just about the talks (although more on those in a sec). The energy in the room was different to any other event and that’s what makes this format the most beneficial for anyone looking for new opportunities in media. From casual 5 minute chats to impromptu de-briefs at the pop-up bars, there was a constant buzz of connection. This, for me, is why MAD//Fest adds such significant value.

Building New Bridges: Whether you’ve been in the adtech/media world for years or just starting out, relationships matter in our world. At MAD//Fest, I found myself chatting to anyone & everyone, from Brand Managers, through to Senior Sales Leads and what made it that much better this year, was the addition of Talent teams, showcasing their employer brand strategy. These connections open doors beyond what a call or an email will do.

Strengthening the Squad: But networking isn’t just about meeting new people. It’s about nurturing existing relationships. Bumping into existing clients, in a more informal environment gives you the chance to find out the small details, to help you understand who your clients are and grow those relationships further.

Beyond the Buzz: Key Trends from MAD//Fest

Now, onto the hottest topics that kept popping up across the festival:

  • Sustainability in the Spotlight: There was a strong focus on the role of marketing and advertising in promoting a sustainable future. From reducing environmental impact to building purpose-driven brands, the conversation shifted towards responsible growth.
  • The Data Deluge: Navigating the ever-growing sea of data was a recurring theme. Talks explored techniques for gleaning actionable insights from customer data, while also emphasizing the importance of ethical data collection and responsible use.
  • The Rise of the Machines (and How to Collaborate): The integration of AI and automation was a prominent discussion point. The focus was less on robots taking over and more on how humans and machines can work together to create even more powerful marketing experiences.

MAD//Fest was a whirlwind of learning and connecting. It’s a testament to the power of bringing people together.

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